A-X-L 2018 English 720p movies

A-X-L is a top-secret, robotic dog created by Andric, a Craine Systems scientist, to help protect tomorrow’s soldiers. A-X-L is wanted by the military, who knows it can be dangerous technology and used for the wrong purposes. Code-named by the Craine Systems scientists who created him, A-X-L (Attack, eXploration, Logistics) embodies the most advanced next-generation artificial intelligence. After an experiment gone wrong, A-X-L is discovered hiding alone and damaged in the desert by a kind-hearted outsider named Miles Hill who finds a way to connect with him after activating his owner-pairing technology. Helping Miles gain the confidence he’s been lacking, A-X-L will go to any length to protect his new companion, including facing off against the scientists who created him and who will do anything to get him back. Knowing what is at stake if A-X-L is captured, Miles teams up with a smart, resourceful ally named Sara Reyes to protect his new best friend.

Miles and Sara go back to Miles’ home (leaving A-X-L somewhere in an old ruin), and tell his father, Chuck, about A-X-L, but Chuck tells them to return A-X-L to its owners. At the same time, Sam returns with his crew and burns A-X-L with his flamethrower. Sara sees the live recording on her phone and Miles and Sara both take off to save A-X-L, but are too late. However, A-X-L gives them a location to go to repair him. Meanwhile, a man sent by Andric shows up at the house and demands that Chuck reveal the location of the device that controls A-X-L. Chuck, growing suspicious, manages to trick the man, and demands him to answer his questions. The Agent reveals he is looking for A-X-L.

Miles and Sara take A-X-L to a garage for repairs and it automatically repairs itself for 2.5 hours. However, Andric gets a log on its location and sends his team to retrieve it. The Agents arrive and try to retrieve A-X-L while it’s still repairing. When it comes online, it remembers its last memories of Sam burning him with a flamethrower. A-X-L runs out to go and kill Sam, with Miles and Sara rushing to stop it. Sam and his friends are throwing a party when A-X-L arrives to get revenge. Sam tries again to burn him with a flamethrower until the fuel runs out, but Miles and Sara arrive and convince A-X-L not to kill Sam. Drones arrive and disable A-X-L; Miles and Sara are captured and brought to Andric and he tries to override Miles’ control of A-X-L, but fails.