Recep İvedik 4 movie 2014

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Recep Ivedik coaches that the kiddies football team in his or her neighborhood. For the training he uses the only piece of property as football-field on which he had to play with football for a kid. Recep notices sadly that this piece of property has been sold to a business man. Whilst not to loose this for the locality and the children valuable part of property he decides to re-buy it. Together with their or her own techniques he can not receive the income. The participation at a rivalry with a significant price could be the only solution of the problem…
Release: 2014-02-20
Genres: Comedy
Casts: Cem Korkmaz, Gülüm Baltacıgil, Ekrem Aral Tuna, Barış Bulut, Serkan Sağdıç
Duration: 117 min
Country: Turkey
Production: Tiglon, Emrah Gamsızoğlu, Çamaşırhane, Kinostar